Ayumikata Ato (move out)

by Kaou Qein Lee

( if you dont recognize my name, you probably saw me on tv in the 2005 Japan vs. Australia Paintball Tournement)
But heres a tip on moving out and taking over in a suspenseful paintball war.
If you and a small part of your team is in enemy territory and you are taking cover at the moment, show them a signal for moving out. Once the team see's the signal, you must retreat to in your territory.
Once the retreat is exicuted, split your team into 3 parts.
2 of the 3 groups flank on each side of the arena.
The 3rd group should contain a sniper. While 2 of the groups are flanking, the 3rd group should go towards the other teams territory. Go to about half ways and then stop. The 3rd group will then take cover (and may exchange shots with the enemy).
While the enemy is focussed on the 3rd group wich is splitting up and taking cover, the 2nd and 1st group is
in the enemies territory and by then exchanging shots also.
Finally, when the enemy is helpless, all groups move in while rapid firing. They eventually have enough and surrender.
Results May Vary

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