Paintball Strategies

Paintball Strategies are those things that you should never stop learning. Some Paintball Strategies will come easy as you play and others will require a large amount of cooperation from your team.

Paintball Strategies are easier to impliment when you have good communication with your team. Teams train and play together to learn how to work together and communicate either by hand gestures or shouting codes.

You can easily improve your communication and cordination by using simple radio handset. Try to get the kind that doesn't give that annoying "Bleepppp" when a transmisison is done. A high pitch sound like that can give you away very easily. Ear buds and a inline mic will help with that also.

Once you have communication down you need to nail your Paintball Strategies in your head with all of your team. It only takes one person to make a mistake and cost the game for your team.

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Paintball Heroes


Team based flanking is an incredible Paintball Strategey if properly implimented.

If your team is pinned down, split up and advance on both sides of the opressers. If they don't get eliminated, they will soon fall back when they lose the front protection of their position. The more angles that a target is surrounded by the more stressful and difficult it is to hold a position.


If you are playing a small center flag based game, I had a Paintball Strategy that we would impliment occasionally when the timing was right. Before the game started we elected the fastest running players, (usually 2-3) We had them set their guns down and told them that their only goal is to get the flag. They are to run and get the flag as soon as the horn blows, no distractions period! With that laid out in stone, The other 2 runners would follow the first runner a small distance behind and grab the flag if the first runner fell. Same with the 3rd runner. With a flag train setup the rest of the players focused on running with them and shooting, taking cover as far up as possible, but mainly I had them advance running while shooting to keep the opposing team in cover. We won 80% every time we tried this. When we lost it was because the other team was expecting us to do it. Try to mix up your Paintball Strategies often!

Half Circle Positioning

If you have a team, depending on the field, try to setup players with their backs at the boundry line. If you have a base to defend, don't line people up, once they are gone you won't have any defense. Try to hug the boundry in a half circle and defend the base that way. If you have thick bushes and trees surrounding your base, just by putting some paitent sniper players around the base hidden from sight can be the difference from winning and losing. The enemy will hardy dare to enter your base.


You have most likely seen this if not done it before already. Well practiced teams should be able to do this without thinking. Leap-Frogging is watching your team mates advance while you cover them. You don't have to be under fire for this, it should be common movment for a small team group.

Figure out a gesture for "move" and "stop". As your team moves up one by one the chance of your whole squad being taken out is slim, If you have experianced players you can really work this paintball strategy. This will help to eliminate a camping player from eliminating your team. If the current point man get's shot at, the rest of your team can then impliment various Paintball Strategies to eliminate the threat.

Walk the Field

While it doesn't seem important and you just figure that you'll find your way around while you are playing, Try to walk the field if you can, get familer with the boundries and where the other teams are located. There is nothing more embarasing then walking in a circle and finding your base again.

Retreat? No Straticigly Reassess

There is no point in holding an advanced line if your team mates are tagging out. Try to withdrawl your team and re-position for an ambush if possible on more advantagious grounds.

Finding Cover

If you are running around by yourself and you are in the enemy teratory and are meet with infavorable odds, don't find cover! Try to disapear from them as best you can. You can move to another location and try to make the shape of your body as in-distuingushable as possible. The brain when scanning woods tries to find familer shapes, that is why you usually notice somone's mask first before their legs. Ghillie Suits are wonderful for disguising your shape. If you find yourself in this situation often, it's time to invest in some simple shape changing camo, it's not just the color that counts, You can disguise your mask with a veil to break up the shape and solid color of the mask. Also be aware if your gun is bright or metalic and anything that might reflect light. (hopper lids, pods etc.)

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