Paintball Gun Info, A Guide to buying a Marker.

Good Paintball Gun info is needed before making the decision to buy a new or used paintball marker. Your playing strategies and styles will determine the kind of gun that suites your needs.

For the Assault person.

If you prefer an assault style of play, you will be looking for a gun with a high rate of fire. Specifically a light trigger pull is required. Be aware that with high rates of fire you will need a loading method that can deliver paint faster then you are shooting, otherwise you will chop a paintball before it completely enters the firing chamber. There are various methods and upgrades that can be done to almost any gun to increase it's performance, but without spending to much money you need a gun to fit you! Try to avoid making a gun fit you, instead find a better gun that will meet your needs as stock as possible.

You like one shot kills?

If you like to take more of a sniper position on the battlefield. Your priority will be accuracy. There are different kinds of guns and barrels that you can research. You should also consider pump sniper paintball guns. Pump guns have a closed bolt system that allows for an evan distribution of aitflow behind the paintball. You should try to play with a pump gun before purchasing one. If you do not want to try a pump paintball gun, you can purchase new barrels for your existing marker to make it more accurate. A large part of accuracy depends on the paintball itself. You want the paintball to fit snuggly inside the barrel. A good way to test your paint and barrel match is to remove your barrel, put a paintball in it and blow it out. If the ball rolls out, try getting larger paint or a smaller barrel. If the ball is stuck inside the barrel and you turn red trying to blow it out, then use smaller paint or buy a larger barrel. The trick is finding the right paint for the right barrel. There are after market barrels you can purchase with sizeable inserts that you can match with your paint.

With any gun that you are going to buy, setting aside performance and pricing, There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Upgradability
  • Comfort
  • Manufacturer

Upgradability is key if you want your marker to "grow" with your needs, you will need to be able to have enough upgrade options for that marker. If you feel you need to change your marker in a year or so, and you can't find an upgrade you will have to purchase a new gun.

Comfort is important to look for when picking a marker, You will be holding it for hours, make sure it is balanced well.

Manufacturer Is the company honest? Do they stand behind their products? Is there a warranty with the gun you want to buy?

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