Paintball Pistol Gun
just for backup?

The Paintball Pistol Gun has been growing in popularity in the past few years. I have always been very attracted to them since I had purchased the first version of the core paintball pistol. Fresh off the line it was beautiful! however I didn't know what I was getting myself into at the time! I can't count how many times the 12 gram co2 cartridge would get stuck inside, how many times I chopped paint cause the loading tube spring would get stuck, how many times I had to re-cock the gun from a table or tree (after being thoroughly lubricated and field stripped more times then I would actually shoot it)

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I was so discouraged I didn't want to even have to use it, at the time I was using it as a backup marker. When I finally got sick of it, I sold it for next to nothing. I never pursued a paintball marker pistol until 2 years ago. Something hit me inside. I wanted to play with a challenge so I decided to buy my friends core zx paintball pistol. I played with it stock as a primary marker paintball pistol and fell in love instantly!

A Dream come true!

I was having so much fun playing with the pistol that I sold my primary marker to buy a new paintball pistol. Well, I didn't just want a new paintball pistol, I wanted two so I can dual wield paintball pistol guns.

I had a plan

I ordered two silver zeus paintball pistol guns. So now I needed a holster for my paintball marker pistol. I decided just to get one tactical holster for my second pistol and for the primary zeus paintball pistol I would just carry it with me. Check out my article about paintball pistol holsters.

2 years of extreme fun!

I played with a dual zeus paintball pistol setup for 2 years and had so much fun! I admit I didn't get as many kills as I could have but when I did hit someone it was so much more rewarding.

Pros and Cons of using a paintball marker pistol

If you are considering using a paintball marker pistol as a primary marker, I would encourage you all the way! Some people feel that paintball pistol guns are useless, do not listen to them! I would reccomend buying a good paintball pistol online for a good price and play with it to see if you like it before selling any of your equipment. There are some drawbacks to using a paintball gun pistol stock.
  • Holds Fewer Paintballs
  • Holds less air
  • Requires ALOT of patience!

If you are someone who likes a challenge and doesn't care what the other paintball players think when they see you then DO IT!

There is nothing more satisfying than hearing a player with a high powered gun holding your team back to shout "Hit" and realizing that he was just taken out with a paintball pistol gun.

Choosing the right paintball pistol gun

I have not had a chance to do a comprehensive review of any pistols yet! There are a few things to keep in mind when you are looking at buying a pistol.
  • How fast is it to reload?
  • Gas Efficiency
  • Weight and Size

Reloading This is by far the largest challenge for paintball marker pistol players. It isn't just how fast can you reload the gun. It's how is the gun reloaded? For my zeus paintball pistol G2's I was able to reset the spring, pop the cap on the back of the clip on top of the gun. Then just dump a 10 round tube in and pop the cap on. I could do that in less then 5 seconds with gloves on.

Not just your ammo needs to be reloaded You also have to remember that for x amount of times that you reload you will need to replace your 12 gram. Depending on your gun, I would want to replace my 12 gram every 18 shots. That doesn't take to long either, but it does make a hissing sound. Make sure you are in a safe place to do this else your opponent will take advantage of your situation quickly! (that's why I had 2 pistols)

Weight and Size? But it's a pistol right? Well remember even though it's a pistol, some people think that they are very small like a real handgun. They are not as small as some think! yes you can shoot it with one hand just fine, but you want to make sure that you can aim it with one hand comfortably. the Tac 8 has had some complaints about the size of the gun. Make sure you study EVERYTHING about the gun before you buy, even get one in your hand before you make your purchase.

Basic Review

I have sadly not been able to do a comprehensive review for the Zeus Paintball Pistol yet but I have written an article outlining my thoughts about it here Zeus Paintball Pistol

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