Paintball Pistol Guns, Hard to find list

Some Paintball Pistol Guns are hard to find, Some just arn't being made anymore and others are just plain old.

AGD Sydarm Paintball Pistol

Airgun Design's Sydarm is a nice little package. These paintball pistol guns have become a collectors item. AGD first created the Sydarm for police training and is still only available for military and police training.

A while back AGD re-created the Sydarm for the general public, however in limited quantities and at a hefty price.

While the Sydarm is the only marker pistol of it's type, it suffers from some reported symptoms. Being an Automag it does not like liquid Co2 in it's valve. When using a 12gram, it's hard to keep Co2 from entering the valve. Users of the Sydarm that shoot sparingly have no problems. Those that empty the clip fast will have Co2 expand faster and freeze up the gun.

It is also reported that changing the 12 gram isn't exactly an easy process in the game. Sydarms can be purchased on eBay used or in forums. But be prepared for competition, this is a very desired marker!

Sidekick Semi

The Sidekick Semi hit a softspot in paintball pistol enthusiasts back in 2000. With few paintball pistol options and a tight price of $100+ the sidekick semi was destined to be a hit.

As production and design continued the eager paintball community was waiting. After release and shipment of the marker, time passed on and the company went out of business.

Brass Eagle, Eagle .68 semi auto paintball pistol

Brass Eagle is not known for their reliability in paintball markers. The Eagle .68 was one of Brass Eagles earlier markers. These guns saw a short lived life. Some people haven't had bad experiences with them and the rest of us have.

I once bought one of these from a forum without a picture. The marker was so chopped up from the previous owner that it was unusable. About 3/4 of the marker was gone, and it looked like a German Lugar instead of a desert eagle.

The clips were spring loaded and to load the marker, you stick the clip in the back of the gun. These markers have no value, they are definitely a first generation semi-auto pistol.


The Crossman 3357 pistol was the first and few revolving paintball markers. This paintball pistol uses .50 caliber paintballs which are very hard to find. These guns are also collector's items. I was unable to find any for sale so I can't get a price, but they are getting old and harder to find.

32 degrees pt enforcer paintball pistol

The PT Enforcer was one of the early standard semi-auto type paintball pistol. Players either loved or hated them. At 12+ balls per 12 gram the PT Enforcer was known to be a co2 hog.

On my PT I had several issues, Co2 leaks which I found out were common with this marker. A troublesome spring tube and a bolt issue. For some reason I was unable to cock the gun. I would have to put the cocking pin on a hard surface and hit the marker to get the bolt un-stuck.

After the PT's release, shorty it was followed by the PT Extreme which had many upgrade options and butt stocks. It was the first modular pistol system that I found.

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