Paintball Gun Review

Paintball Gun Review Articles should be written by the users of the paintball guns or products. NEVER trust a review that has been written by a company.

At Paintball review world when I write a review it is an honest personal review. If I rave about an item it comes from the heart and is not a sales pitch to create hype.

I may also write reviews on poor products. When I ask for your caution before buying a poorly made product please heed my warning. I have over 15 years of experience with paintball and products. Many items that I have used over the years have been very misleading and have caused me to sell everything and start over. The purpose of these reviews is to help players like yourself be cautious about the items reviewed.

Paintball Gun Reviews

CCI Phantom Pump Paintball Gun Review (9.5/10)
Rap4 T68 Gen3 Magazine Fed (2/10)
Zeus Paintball Pistol G1 (8/10)

Paintball Product Reviews

BSA Red Dot Review - Paintball Scope (7/10)
Tactical Foregrip Flashlight (8/10)

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