Tactical Foregrip Light

Tactical Foregrip Light for Paintball

Mounting a Tactical Foregrip Light to your paintball gun may seem like an extreme idea. I mean, how many players do you know have a flashlight on their paintball gun?

This review is specifically for the Tactical 3W 150 lumen Strobe LED Flashlight with Picatinny aluminum Grip. I bought mine on amazon as it seemed to be the balance between price and lumens that I could afford. I also like the fact that it is made of aluminum and not some cheap airsoft plastic triple a battery junk.

Most of you know the brand MagLite. I currently own a 6D cell MagLite which is rated for 162.6 lumens. The output of my Tactical Foregrip Light is 150 lumens. As you can tell, there has been some amazing technology made in the battery industry to create special batteries for flashlights.

I am so impressed with this vertical tactical flashlight I cannot even begin to share the numerous paintball stories. I have had multiple variations of the same story so I will share just the 1 of many personal experiences.

As a pump paintball player I am always forcing myself to think outside of the box and to be 2 steps ahead of my victims. I brought this tactical foregrip light to my local paintball field. Where I live in Michigan the weather was turning cold and the sun was setting by the time we usually begin our 4 hour block on paintball. I turned on my light and was blown away that a penny sized bulb and reflector could illuminate the whole field!

I made sure that it was ok with the ref before I began to use it, in addition I only use the light when it is to my tactical advantage. I do NOT run around the field with it on to give away my position. Instead when key moments present themselves I will enable the strobe or use it to call out positions for my forward team mates.

Multiple times I have been outgunned and have had my opponents rush out to take advantage of my pump, when I know that someone is about the appear I can hit my light and briefly disorient them enough that I will get the first shot in. Often hitting them square in the mask as I am able to see so clearly.

In addition to briefly disorienting an opponent you can use the light to intimidate your opponent. I have often been on a losing team and the only man left to defend a flank. I have protected a flank just from flashing my light for a few seconds and let them know that I see them across the field, they quickly turn and run towards my team mates on the other flank.

The strobe feature can be pretty dazzling. It only takes 4-5 flashes of the strobe to be effective in a paintball game. I do not suggest running around with the strobe on all of the time as you will soon be thrown out of the game for being annoying. But when only used a few times when you absolutely need it, everyone can enjoy the new element that it brings.

Often I will get compliments (when I expected my opponents to be upset) about how effective the light was. I have played with the flashlight for about 6 months now and have not run across anyone upset yet. Please ALWAYS check with your ref before you use a Tactical Foregrip Flashlight. I will often ask the ref and inform him that if anyone does get upset to let me know.

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