Are Paintball Guns Safe?

Are Paintball Guns Safe? A paintball marker is not a toy, it's easy to think that they are since you are shooting other people and if you are around paintball markers alot.

Deep down inside people know that they are not toys. However some seem folks seem to treat them that way. The question remains, are paintball guns safe? Let's put it this way, the vast majority of paintball accidents happen because players Do NOT Follow the Rules.

Millions of dollars in lawsuits over injuries each year because people neglect to treat a paintball marker seriously.

A safe zone is a Safe zone

These area's are usually reserved for pre and post game prep and conversation. This is an area that is seperated from the play area where masks to not need to be worn. Not observing that this is a not fire zone is a large mistake.

My Mask is foging up!

This is NOT and excuse to remove your mask, there is never a justifiable reason to remove your mask.. Ever.. I have been a Ref. on many rainy days and have seen people shoot at people without masks. There is nothing more frightening then to be shooting at somone and you don't realize that their mask is off and they shoot back.

Proper Gear

Everyone should be wearing a mask at all times when on the field no exception. Using a Neck Guard (neoprene velcro band around your neck) is a good choice to protect your throat.

Other gear is not required but can be worn if the user wishes.

  • Chest Armor
  • Knee Guards
  • Gloves (Pistol users, your hand is a large target)
  • Helmet

There's nothing like going to work the next day with a goose egg on your head! I have seen a player get hit 3+ times in the head in the same spot.. OUCH!


Get involved! Know who your kids are playing paintball with, are they a good group of kids? Be aware of players that loose their temper and cannot contol themselves. I worked for a Christian Camp and I found they have great groups of people to play.

It boils down to

People just need to be aware of what they are doing. Treat a marker as if it was a real loaded weapon, point it to the ground if it's not in use and put your barrel plug in. There is no room for pride, arrogence and vengence. This is a game and you do not have to hurt somone if they hurt you.

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