Paintball Pump Guns,
What is the advantage?

Paintball Pump Guns are not easy to play these days. The majority of markers have become semi-autos. If you choose to take a pump to a game, be prepared for a tough battle!

Stock Class Markers are pump guns that meet the following critiera:

    They must:
  • Not have more then 10-20 paintballs in a tube magazine
  • Must be powered with a 12 gram Co2

With these restrictions the game play becomes quite a bit more challenging. It's not about the rate of fire but more about accuracy.

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Here is an example of some popular pump guns.

Tippmann C3 Pump Propane Marker

Tippmann C3 Pump Propane Marker

Sheridan PGP

The Sheridan PGP is a stock class marker that holds 10 paintball rounds in the top tube of the gun. This tube is not spring loaded and you must rock the gun back when pumping to load the next paintball in the chamber. This was one of the first paintball pump guns that I played with. I'll never forget the time I was playing in a field, I was sitting down at the grass level and my brother came running out from nowhere and sat down in front of me facing the opposite direction.. I was so excited! I pulled the trigger and the gun fired but there was no paintball loaded into the chamber, so I quickly reloaded and fired again, Still no paintball was shot. At this point he turned around with his VM68 3 feet away from me and asked me if I wanted to run away.. So naturally I did..

Sheridan P68

The Sheridan P68 is essentially a PGP with a longer barrel and a larger feed tube.

Maverick Deluxe Pump

This marker was a great gun! The person that I bought it from had a brass barrel on it. It made a wonderful *ping* sound every time it was fired.

Auto Cocker Pump

The Auto Cocker has been around for a Long time, it's a tried and true high end mechanical marker. The semi auto Cocker is very popular and can be seen with many different upgrades.

Phantom Stock Class Pump Paintball Gun

Phantom Stock Class Pump Paintball Gun

One of the most popular for stock class games, this marker can be customized in so many ways.


I am hoping to write some comprehensive reviews for these markers, so stay tuned!

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