Silencers for paintball guns

Silencers for paintball guns may be illegal in your state! Please take caution when considering making a homemade paintball gun silencer. Make sure that you check with your state laws and regulations.

Why are they illegal?

Silencer for paintball guns are similar in creation to a silencer for a real firearm. Therefore someone could buy a paintball gun silencer and use it on a firearm or re-configure it easily for use with a firearm.

I want to get my gun quieter!

I had a tippmann 98 with an aftermarket barrel, I did an experiment once, I took the stock barrel for the Tippmann 98 and chopped it to 3.5 inches. That was the loudest barrel I ever heard!

If you want to keep your sound signature low, consider getting a barrel with ALOT of porting. A Pump paintball marker will be quieter then a semi due to the sealed internals of the marker. A good pump marker with a well ported barrel will have a very low noise signature.

Barrel comfort grip modification

On that same Tippmann 98 that I had, I purchased a 16" Night Stick Barrel. The Night Stick is a heavily ported barrel. I then purchased a foam tube for bicycle handlebars. Wrapped with electrical tape it made the barrel even quieter. My purpose for doing this was not to make the gun quieter but to make a comfortable foregrip. However it will also help to reduce the sound of the marker.

Instead of using a bicycle foam you could find a softer material, with more absorption and wrap that in tape. The porting on the barrel will allow the gas behind the paintball to disappear into the hand grip of the barrel.

All my friends heard was the sound of the paintballs landing around them! They kept telling me how quiet my gun was.

I once had a homemade silencer I purchased with a paintball marker, I did not realize that it was illegal at the time. However I was not impressed with it. It was poorly made and caused my paintballs to curve slightly.

But if they are illegal, why do they come with some guns? Paintball silencers that you see on a lot of the combat sim markers are fake and have no sound dampening qualities. It just looks cool. Check the fine print.

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