Paintball Snipers

Paintball Snipers don't learn how to play overnight. It takes time to learn how to play.

Real Action Paintball T68 Genocide

First off, It's not about the gun. A cheap sniper paintball gun is a marketing strategy. So you want to buy the really long barreled gun with the fake silencer and bi-pod that has a picture of a guy in a ghillie suit aiming at the camera. This gun is no more accurate Then other guns that you can buy at walmart.

It might look cool, and if you want a cool looking paintball gun then go for it. However, keep in mind that it isn't a Real Sniper Gun and has the same limitations of a normal paintball gun. Military Simulation Markers

I am a fan of the mil-sim paintball markers. It's not for the looks but for the feel of the gun that I enjoy.

A sniper isn't someone that rushes to the front of the battlefield. And staying behind isn't the BEST way to score. If you can move quietly and unseen around the enemy, that will be your style of play.

Paintball Snipers have a talent to be unseen until they wish to reveal themselves. If you are a really good sniper you can keep from being seen when shooting. Check out my article about making your gun quieter But you bought your gun with high rate of fire in mind. Don't despair! It's ok to use a marker with a high rate of fire for sniping. It isn't the gun that makes the sniper. You can still get one shot kills if you try hard enough!

If you are looking to buy a second gun anyway and want something with alot of accuracy. Check out my article about Paintball Pump Guns With a accurate and quiet paintball marker, consider looking at Paintball Gun Scopes I would recommend a Red-Dot sight. It's one of the better visuals of where your paintball marker is aiming. Plus it allows you to continue to be concealed.

Here is an article about making your gun more accurate:

Paintball Gun Accuracy

Mastering the all important FLANK

Flanking the enemy is a term that means to go around and either to the side or behind their location.

Example, your team is pinned down in a bowl shaped area and 2 guys are just unloading at their bunkers.

Run back! (But just out of sight) If you run back, they think that you will be retreating and no longer a threat. This is where you have to have a mix of speed and stealth.

As you run back decide which direction you think is best to flank behind them. You decide to bear to the left, make sure that you run far enough that they cannot see you. Just cause you cannot see them doesn't mean that they can't see you. Always go back a little farther then you think you should.

Run Fast Go as fast as you can at this point, they most likely can't hear you and don't expect to see you again. When you begin to get close to where they are, slow down. This is where the real talent of a sniper is.

Match your footsteps with their shots to conceal yourself as you advance behind them, Remember they might be just as cornered as your team. They might be having second thoughts about where they are and they can move at any time, Be prepared for the unexpected! Once you are within a range that you can take them out with a few shots go for it. They are so focused on the battle ahead they will rarely look behind them.

If you have a few extra seconds to collect yourself and steady your gun do it. Remember, if they are really experienced players and you miss a back shot at them, they can easily turn and light you up before you even know it.

With them out of the way your team will advanced and you can continue to scout the field ahead. Back to Paintball Review World

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