Paintball Gun Accuracy

How accurate are paintball guns?

Many paintball guns or makers are advertised as being more accurate, shooting farther or having a better trajectory over other paintball guns. But is this really true? Can one paintball gun be more accurate than another?

Many paintball experts argue that no one paintball gun is more accurate than another. In fact, many say that associating the word accuracy with a paintball gun is ludicrous. While there are certain factors that can prevent your paintball gun from firing as far or as accurate as it can, most experts agree that no marker or gun can be more accurate than another because no bolt configuration can be more accurate than another.

There are many factors that can affect your paintball gun's accuracy including wind resistance, temperature and your FPS reading. These factors cannot be controlled but are also experienced by other paintballers on the field so the paintball playing field is usually pretty level when it comes to equipment.

Just as there are some factors affecting your guns accuracy that you cannot control, there are a few factors that you can control. While these factors will not make your paintball gun shoot farther or more accurate than it is designed to, they can keep your gun from performing at its best if not examined closely.

Perhaps the most important factor you should consider when examining your paintball gun for performance is the match in barrel and paintball bore sizes. To test for this, you should insert a paintball into one end of the barrel and blow the paintball out of the other end. If the paintball is propelled with very little force or with only a great amount of force, you are using a paintball that is either too small or too large for your barrel. Choose instead a paintball that is expelled using only a slight force.

The second thing that you can do to ensure that your paintball gun or maker is as accurate as it can be is to pay special attention to the air system and choose the best one you can find. A good rule of thumb to follow is to choose a paintball gun air system with a high flow and recharge rate and a well-built regulator.

You can also increase your accuracy by ensuring your paintball gun's consistency during firing. You can do this by purchasing a high-flow regulator which allows more air to flow inside the gun, increasing consistency.

So, before you spend more money on a paintball gun or marker because you think it will be more accurate than a lower-priced model, remember what the experts have said about paintball guns and accuracy. You just might save yourself some hard-earned cash.

About the author: By Adam Lenk

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