Full Auto Paintball Guns

Full Auto Paintball Guns come in different shapes and sizes, Be aware that some fields do not allow fullyautomatic paintball guns. Most full auto markers are not electronic. However the older full auto's were mechanical.

Check out this custom VM68:

Duel Vm68s Cam Driven

As time progressed, paintball games like speedball became popular. Then Rate of Fire became increasingly important. I remember how tempted I was to make my Tippmann 98 a Full auto by adding a electronic box to my trigger. I was told by my friends, if I did that. I would have to wear an orange vest or only carry 100 paintballs, to counteract the advantage I would have.

Years later the electronic grips came out. Now almost anyone can make their paintball marker fully automatic without any problems.

Keep in Mind

For those interested in upgrading to an electronic trigger. Not all triggers are the same! I had a Full auto on my Tippmann A5 and was disappointed in the performance.

Raising the rate of fire of your paintball marker will affect your loading system. Do you just have a gravity feed? You will need to consider a hopper upgrade. There are some very efficient loading systems on the market these days. Plenty of options and prices. This is critical as your loading speed will determine your firing speed. If you fire to fast you will easily chop a ball in your chamber.

Also consider other mods and factors that might be affected by this upgrade. Do you have a flatline? Will this cause problems? What about your paint budget? A full auto can eat up your paint budget like lighting money on fire.

All in All

It's a great feeling to have a gun of power, Just remember even guy's that have powerful guns may not have very powerful minds. Use that to your advantage!

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