Paintball Field Builder
What does it take to make one?

A Paintball Field Builder doesn't have an easy road ahead. Depending on what kind of field you are interested in making and who your target customers or friends are will determine alot of that.

If you want to jump right to laying out your paintball field, you can do it on pen and paper. Else you can use Google SketchUp. Most of the hard work has been done by contributing members in the Google 3D warehouse. Check it out!


(This Guide is not to be considered a complete checklist of the tasks needed to setup a commercial paintball field, it is only to aid awareness of rules and regulations along with helpful ideas on starting a field)

First we'll talk about what you need to open a paintball field, you have to check with your state's law's and regulations. To sum up an idea of what that looks like:

    This includes:
  • Operation Permits
  • Annual Inspections
  • Insurance and Liability

Keep in mind that this is regarding a commercial field, regulations for personal property varies depending on your location. You should check laws in your area even if you own your land. Don't let the Dad of your Son's Friend sue you!

Even when all the bases have been covered and all the waver's have been signed, there still seems to be lawsuits. BE CAREFUL!

Start your own Paintball Field.

Ok you have all your legal issues taken care of, Let's get to drawing paintball fields. You should have a plan or idea of the type of field you want to make.

If you want to make a woods ball field, remember to try and keep some area's natural. Place bunkers only in key area's. Avoid making a woodsball field into a speedball area.


My Type of Paintball Field!

This is my personal preference for a field, I like large trees and small hills. This picture was taken at the paintball field that I play at. It is located along the Lake Michigan dunes and is one of the most beautiful pieces of land.

This style of paintball field hinders long range visibility. Visibility range is important when creating or choosing a field. Paintball markers (even with a flatline) have limited rage, Don't pick a field that you can see farther then you can shoot. Think about it.. How can you flank? How can you play strategiclly if you can see everything? That's no fun!

Natural field barriers work better then man made bunkers. Hills, Tall Grass, Large trees, Trails, Streams. The more in the mix the easier it will be to a successful paintball field builder.

Of course if you want to setup multiple bases, make sure that you have your base locations picked correctly and balanced well. It's ok to have some man made defense bunkers setup near the bases or at key points in the field. Just don't make it a speedball course.

If Woodsball is not your game.

If you are more partial to the fast paced action of speedball there are some great tools out there to help you design your field. Check out the FREE 3D Paintball Field Builder Tool

FREE Paintball Field Builder Program

FREE! Paintball Field Builder Program. Some fields are available for purchase online, you can order an airball field in a box.

Ultimate Air 5 Man Paintball Field

Ultimate Air 5 Man Paintball Field

Includes 19 pieces.

Ultimate Air 3 Man Paintball Field

Ultimate Air 3 Man Paintball Field

Includes 12 pieces.

These layouts for paintball fields can be good options if you are planning on opening a professional paintball field, or your team wants to get one to train with.

Tactical Paintball Field

If you are a tactical player, check into some old run down buildings in your area. This could also be a multipurpose field for airsoft players.

Sometimes there's nothing like good indoor combat! I used to play more of a speedball style in an old butcher's warehouse. It was dimmly lit and had lots of hallways and a few rooms. I really enjoyed myself at times, and other times... Let's just say it's not what I prefer.

If you are considering an old building, make sure that you have it properly inspected and keep on the lookout for asbestos! Some of the old buildings may have asbestos in them. Don't find out later after you bought the building that you have to tear it down.

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