Paintball Gun Scopes, What is available?

Paintball Gun Scopes can be confusing. If you know that you want to add a sight to your gun but are not sure what to look for, here are some tips and advice about some sights and scopes for your marker.

Paintball Scope

4x30 4 Power Sniper Scope for Paintball

4x30 4 Power Sniper Scope for Paintball

This scope is made for a paintball marker, it features a 4x magnification and durability.

Ok, so your a sniper and getting the first shot to hit is important. Well, if you are an experienced paintball player you will know that even a sniper doesn't always get to call his shots. If you have an extra 5 seconds to train your eye inside a scope that's great. However players generally look down at scopes for numerous reasons.

I once mounted a scope on my paintball marker, I was not able to get the focus needed since my paintball mask was keeping me from having my eye near the lens.

Red Dot Sight

LETS Red Dot 1 X 46

LETS Red Dot 1 X 46

A Red Dot Sight is a good choice, this sight allows you to aim quickly without having to focus your eye inside something and making you vulnerable.

A Red Dot Sight allows a user to bring up their gun and fix the dot on the target instantly. This is a common paintball sight and is seen in many woodsball players. There is no magnification on this sight.

The Laser

Paintball Laser Aiming Module

Paintball Laser Aiming Module

The Laser Aiming Module allows you to put a red dot directly on your target. There are many drawbacks to this unit.

For example. The last time I played paintball I was using my primary Zeus. I was hiding along a trail and saw 2 players moving towards me, I was nearly in front of them. I waited until I had a good shot. I pulled up my pistol and activated my laser. As soon as they saw the light emit from my marker they began shooting.

Sadly I was hit with my first time using it. A HUGE problem with this unit is Not for Daylight use! The dot is nearly invisible past 15+ feet in daylight. If you get that close to someone you probably won't bother aiming much.

This is great for dusk/night games, However just remember when you activate this unit it also traces your position right back to you.

Please be aware that alot of fields do not allow this type of sight, please consult with your field before purchasing.

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