Rap4 T68 Review

Rap4 T68 Gen3 Magazine Fed

The long lost Rap4 T68 Review. I purchased the T68 (Gen3) and was instantly in love with the idea of my new marker being magazine fed. I ordered an additional magazine with my marker as I knew I would need more then 18 rounds loaded before heading into a game.

Without hesitation I un-boxed my Rap4 T68 and had assembled the magazine adapter within minutes. I had to wait a few days before I could test it properly.

At the range I gassed up the marker and it began to hiss. After many field strips and after much oil. With great disappointment I contacted customer support and they shipped me a new internal assembly with the exchange of my old one. I was very happy with the outcome despite the initial disappointment.

Range attempt #2 went well. I noticed that there were some problems with my magazine, the ball detent system that retains the paintballs in the magazine was not holding the paintballs very securely. My magazines were VERY sensitive to bore size. occasionally after loading the magazines I would trip the switch to engage the spring and they would all fly out of the magazine. Later I found out that Rap4 sells paintballs specifically to be the last round in the magazine. This system did not work well at all.

The Rap4 T68 shot fairly well when not stressed, I was not impressed with any performance areas, it was very loud, not very accurate and I did not see a ball detent system in the gun. I knew that this was a serious problem.

I took the Rap4 T68 out to the local field and made sure it was working top notch (as best as I could get it). Got my magazines loaded and was ready to play. After about 3 shots in the field I noticed I double and triple loading my rounds into my chamber. I went to reload and found my magazine had ejected all of the paint and was empty. I was breaking paint like mad so after that game I put the hopper attachment. I was still chopping paint like a crazy man and about 2 hours into our game sessions I decided to get a rental and finish my evening with a Tippmann 98 custom. Despite not being cleaned in thousands of rounds and being abused the Model 98 functioned well.

I was using Co2. I am very familiar with how Co2 can be unstable, I was using a 12 oz tank on my T68. However the weather was very warm and the tank was large. Expanding gas would not have caused the accuracy issues I was facing to be a problem. It marker was chronograph in at about 250 and was varying about 10 fps.

I was not impressed, the paintballs did not seem to be very consistent. It is usable but not accurate enough for my needs as I tend to shoot less and run more. Also note I was using a large co2 tank which is also inconsistent but I can assure you that this was not the only problem. The barrel itself was not very smooth on the inside, it needed a good mechanical polish.

The Weight of the Rap4 T68 is about average, without the hopper it feels great (I'm not a big fan of hoppers). Adding a stock and a hopper to this paintball marker could make it burdensome. The receiver plates are pretty solid and weighty. There was alot of 'extra' metal to help shape the T68 into a real firearm.

I may have gotten a lemon right out of the box, but this was the T68 that I used to write my review and I have to be honest it was probably the worst paintball marker I have ever used. I was barely able to get any kind of reliability and use out of this paintball gun.

Since this T68 was a magazine fed version it also came with a hopper attachment which I tried and was equally disappointed in as well. The magazine concept was fantastic. There is a spring to load near the top, after you crank and round winding you can drop your paintballs in and release the spring. My issue was that most paintball bore sizes were not compatible and the magazine ejected my rounds after releasing the spring tension.

This was the stock Gen3 T68 with the magazine adapter. No bells or whistles that most Rap4 guns have.

I hesitate to purchase any other Rap4 product after my last experience. I found them to be over priced and low quality. The parts themselves were not manufactured well, there were metal burrs and many parts did not fit tight. While being neat to look at and dream of using, it was all hype. I understand that this was a Gen3 T68 and I would like to give Rap4 the benefit that they have made improvements since this article was written. With that said this marker never should have been brought to their product line without more testing.

I was so confused with how to get rid of my expensive paperweight . I could not allow myself to sell this item as a complete working gun even to a stranger. I decided to part it out on eBay in multiple auctions. While I did not get as much as I hoped, at least my conscious cleared that I did not pass a poor product on to someone else.

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