Zeus Paintball Pistol, Pros and Cons

Zeus Paintball Pistol This Pistol is known to be a workhorse of a gun. This paintball marker pistol is solid in construction and is made out of metal. The only plastic was the hand grip and I found that to be very durable.

Accuracy is the biggest concern when you only have 10 paintballs in your new paintball pistol. I found this gun to be very accurate the first 10+ shots, after that there was serious presure loss on the 12 gram. You have most likly heard that paintball pistol guns do not have the range of a rifle. I have made some amazing shots with the zeus paintball pistol. Of course this depends on MANY factors (paint size and weather) But I have not found any serious flaws with this gun in this department.

Efficency is ok on this gun, I was noticing paint chops due to co2 presure. If I shot more then 18 paintballs then I had a high risk of chopping. This is Not good when you have a marker paintball pistol. The barrel is not removable on the zeus paintball pistol and is not easily cleaned during battle if you chop. Remember to replace your 12gram!

Weight Since the zeus paintball pistol is made of metal it is not light and has front heaviness. The weight of the paintball marker pistol makes it difficult to holster. If you have a tactical holster you will be in a better situation. Even with a tactical holster the weight of the paintball marker pistol will cause the holster to swing on your leg back and forth. (unless you tighten the tactical paintball pistol holster so much that it's uncomfortable) This is not an avoidable situation for heavy paintball marker pistols. It took me a while to get used to this feeling on my thigh. I was able to tolerate the tactical holster.

Reloading the zeus paintball pistol was very simple. I never invested in extra magazines. With a slight modification of the back plug of the magazine, I drilled a hole and inserted a keychain ring with a small chain on it. This allowed me to push back the magazine spring, pop the back of the magazine and dump in a ten round tube in less then 5 seconds. I only did this to my primary Zeus paintball pistol. My holstered zeus paintball pistol was mainly for backup purposes. I would use both occasionally but I tried to conserve my shots as much as I could.

On my last game that I played with my zeus paintball pistols. The rear cocking grip flew off and was un-retrievable in woodsball. Keep the screws tight!

My overall Experience for the zeus paintball pistol was very positive. I felt like there is more that they could do to improve the stock paintball marker pistol. I have never had so much fun playing paintball!

Grab a Pistol today and try it!

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