Army of 2

by Brettsta!
(Virginia, U.S.)

Before you start, get with a buddy and work out a strategy. Work together to complete it. DO NOT SEPERATE! If you do, you have a less chance of staying alive. One tip I have is to flank an enemy player, not 2 or more, you are screwed if you do. Have one person to shoot constantly at the enemys bunker or cover, while the other one goes around quietly and takes him out.

If you and your buddy are some of the only ones left on the team, and are surrounded, use the back to back cover tactic. Have one person watch one way, and the other one watch another (common sence but i have a point). Get into a hole and share ammo and try to live it out to the finish. Or if you of you has an automattic, than have him shoot 360 degrees constantly while the other one tries to sneak outside the enemies cirle. have him run around the outside shooting the enemy. Who's surrounded now? Hehe. But it is very hard to sneak outside. The automatic person is there to have the enemies duck into cover. And good luck after that.

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