Defensive Tactics

by Paintball Ace

if you have a large team, consisting of maybe 30 or more people, make lines of 10. Put the first line down on theirs stomachs facing the direction of the enemy base. Sencond line on their knees, and third on their feet. Have the 1st line, standing on their feet, shoot all or almost all of their hopper at the approximate location of the enemy. Not only could this get people out on the other side, but it will scare the people who are trying to sneek around. After the first line runs out of ammo, have the people on their knees do the same thing. when they run out, the same thing applies for the people on their stomachs. Remember, this is a defensive strategy. Nothing more. Clearly it isnt intended for offense. If done correctly, this tactic will work with oustanding success.

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