Heavily defended base giving you issuses?

by Logan Lobo

Attacking a base is one of the hardest things to do. Unless the defenders are absolute idiots you basicly have no chance. There is no way to keep tabs and numbered count of the opposite team. People are naturly attracted to noise and movement. People are also naturaly competative- everyone must get the most kills. Use this against them.

Defenders are always overly cocky knowing they have the advantage they're focus is to slaughter the attackers. So let the attackers slaughter you... Or a large portion of your team. We'll call these guys team one: the distraction. This half consists less experienced players of your team and a few vets. Now don't actually let them get slaughtered, that would be silly. You'll need them in the long run. Now the other half is only three too five players who you know will get the job done- team two essentialy. The crazy guys who have no fear!... Or so they believe.

The goal of team 1 is too conserve paint and to get as close as possible to the base. Make lots of noise running through the bush and let off a few rounds. Try and draw the defenders too one side of the base. The defenders now believe that all your resource are pinned, out of paint, and dying. When in fact your just chilling until team 2 does they're part.

While the defenders are distracted take a wide flank with team 2. Be sure not to come up compltely behind the defenders or you run the risk of getting hit by team 1 paint- and that would suck. Sneak into the base and take down as many defenders as you can only using team 2. Soon team 2 will be fired on. As soon as that happens Call for team 1 for a full on rush while this is happening and the defenders will be confused on what is going on. While team 1 is rushing and making lots of noise (team1 must always be making noise) team2 will start clearing enemies out and esstablishing possitions. From there on out the fight is determined by how your fire and manuover tactics are.

All of this is determined by the speed of your team altogether. Team1 has got to close up fast and team2 has too be up there just as quickly. Team1 remember: lots of noise little
gunfire. If you have any questions or somethings hazy- ljlobo@shaw.ca

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