Paintball Plans

How To Dominate The Paintball Field

We all want to win don't we. I ended that sentence with a period because it was a statement not a question.

Because we all want to win, we have to know the secret of how to. The formula for success if you will.

Just like in real combat there are tactics, strategies, and plans that are in place to make sure the most men walk away from the confrontation with as little injury as possible.

So we can start to see this formula for success by looking at all the other paintball players that suck and are the first ones to get killed.

I'm sure you've all had those players on your team that run out in the middle of the field like Rambo and picked off on site. As you stand there shaking your head thinking "Well that's one less of us" and being thankful this is just a game and not real combat with live ammunition.

And almost but not quite as bad are the players that have no plan whatsoever and think they're going to take the entire other team by themselves.

These two types of players are missing the whole concept of combat. It's a team sport...teamwork is absolutely necessary to ensue the survival and victory of your team.

And the major ingredient in this "Teamwork" winning formula is communication.

The guys that run out and "Rambo it" have no plan for that action, and if they do they haven't communicated it with the rest of the team.

If they're the loner, they don't communicate with the team at all.

The formula for success is communicating with your team and working together to form a manageable and effective assault. If everyone on your team is running around with no definite place to be or go...then you better hope the other team is more disorganized than yours is.

Communicate with your team, let them know where the fire is coming from and create a workable plan of action.

Remember, you can see things the other players can't. You have a completely different vantagepoint than the rest of your to have the best chance of survival you need to make use of all the other eyes on your team.

Talk to your other teammates, let them know what's going on at your position. Many times another team member may be able to help you, but they're not going to know unless you tell them. And if you don't tell them, they're likely to go running off in the opposite direction from you.

By simply talking with your team members and using them as your eyes to see where you can't, you'll find that you're winning more games AND walking away with fewer marks than you normally would.

Copyright © 2005 Jim Ridel

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