Bum Rush

by David Lude

Well we play with 5 guys well we created a foolish tactic that's called a bum rush, we did it cause the other team used a strategy that was well planned were they had fast guys run to get the flag but each fast runner had a cover man (two runners two cover men)...and there was a killer sniper in place that we never could find. Well each time we got our butts kicked so then we said screw it and created a foolish tactic that works probably 50/50 depending on how risky and lucky your feeling. Firs,t we had our slowest man run to the flag, just a bee line to it full speed. We then have our 2 second and third fastest guys take off after the first guy and post on the right and left of the boundary, close to the flag hidden with the flag in plain site... the fourth guy the fastest should then run and take position for a run to the flag...the fifth man the 4th fastest will follow behind him and go into hiding but have the flag in site also. Then we had the slowest guy..(the same one who we had bee line it at the beginning of the strategy)..would run and expose himself to the open in an attempt of getting the flag of course as we predicted the sniper would hit him thus giving his position away...then the guys on the right and left would then run and take out the two cover guys b4 the runners to prevent getting tagged because the runners focus is to get the flag, they assume they r covered but if u take out their cover they have no protection. Then the fifth man would run in as a intimidator after the cover men are taken out or once he sees an opposing runners hands on the flag..he is to stir up the organized chaos... the sniper gone and the cover guys taken out the runner then goes in behind the intimidator to snag the flag and take off and the 2 guys who posted on he left and right, if not tagged will guard him 1 staying behind to shoot and the other following behind as a meat shield to protect him if both are taken out then the intimidator is to be his meat shield til safe...haha its chaotic but worked well enough for us plus the name, "Bum Rush" says it all.

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