Getting shot in the *** in a sniper tower :(

by Lee

I always go paintballing at this place in ontario and they have a big sniper tower, which has only one entrance which is the exit too, soo i get 4 guys up there (including me) and tell two of the guys to cover that one entrance at two different angles(so me and the other guy don't all of a sudden get shot in the ass when the enemy sneaks up on us), me and the other guy snipe the enemy out. it's pretty cool and we usually win! oh and by the way the reason i am saying accidentally get shot in the *** is because the first time i did my strategie there was only me and another guy up in the tower and we're both shooting at people on the ground, and all of a sudden i got shot in the *** 3 times, ( and thats the one place that diddn't have padding) from then on i get people to cover me while i'm shooting at the enemy.

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