Cheap Paintball Pistol

A Cheap Paintball Pistol isn't hard to find, If you don't have a lot of money to play paintball and you like woods games give the pistol a try!

As I mentioned on the other pages of this website, I used pistols as my primary markers. I would spend less then 5$ per day to play, and it was just as exciting as playing with an expensive marker.

Paintball is expensive enough!

There are ways to play to learn how to still have the same amount of fun (if not more) while conserving paintballs. You don't have to shoot 500 paintballs in a woodsball game. Woodsball is a game of flanking and hitting weak spots instead of facing each other and shooting everything you have at the other team.

Take your time playing woodsball, sometimes it pays to be patient and wait for someone to come along a path and walk past you as you take them out from behind. This can easily be done with a pistol.

If you try to play a game with 10-20 paintballs in your hopper you will understand how much different you have to play!

Stay away from firefights

When I was playing with both pistols, I would occasionally run into a situation I knew that I could not win. Most often I would turn tail and run. however I don't run away from them.. I run around them and come up on their back and take them out. If you are in a position that you can move without them seeing where you are going (on top of a hill for example) try going back down the hill and pop up behind them. The faster you can run and accomplish this the better chance you have to make a good shoot.

So how many shoots does it take? It only takes one paintball for someone to be "hit" Make that one shot count. You can pick you battles. Pick the ones that you can win. You can play with an edge that nobody else will expect.

Of course you don't have to do this with a pistol. Try carrying 50 rounds with you and put 10 in your hopper. Maybe consider using a ten round tube instead of a hopper. Another advantage you will have is a lower profile.

Give it a try!

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