I live in Maine

by Seth
(Westbrook, Maine)

I have been playing paintball right out of Jr. High School.
I'm 21 now and have been playing since.
I recently as of last spring have been playing at this awesome field. It's called Field51 this place is perfect, awesome and well rounded.
The cons.
So far honestly Nothing to complain about.
The Pros are as follows:
The staff is great they are all players as well.
They know the sport and how to make it fun.
The Refs. are right in the action making safety top
Priority, and to make it fun.

I will continue to play there as often as i can.
They need all the support they can get as they are just opening and trying to start out making a safe venue for every player and person that steps foot on the field.

This field is located in Gorham, Maine
The web site is http://www.Field51.com
Don't miss it Check these guys out.
Awesome field and place to play.

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