Sniper Paintball Rifle

Trying to decide what sniper paintball rifle is the best for you? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Of course price is a factor, everyone wants a cheap sniper paintball rifle. But how far should you go? You can purchase a stock class marker (a Pump) for under a hundred dollars. Pump markers are known for their accuracy as they are designed with a closed bolt system, More and more guns today are incorporating this bolt design to seal off the paintball before it is fired.

However if you can't drop hundreds of dollars on a good semi auto sniper gun, don't be discouraged. You can still get amazing accuracy for less with a pump. After all, doesn't it only take one paintball to make a hit?

AGD LongbowPaintball sniper guns come in alot of different flavors. You can take a look at the AGD Longbow upgrade package. This is a pricey marker but AGD only makes quality guns.

Traccer/Phantom Style A pump gun, from cheap to expensive. You decide what works for your budget.

But it's not the paintball sniper guns that make the sniper. A sniper is able to sneak in or be undetected until he makes his hit. Then you need to move from that spot un-noticed.

Paintball snipers should not be in groups of players. Snipers are most often found by themselves, they like the lone ranger style of play where the odds are stacked against them.

Paintball Camouflage can be one of the paintball snipers biggest investments. You can go for total body coverage with a Ghille Suit. But this will hinder your movement. The best idea is to break up your silhouette, a paintball players eyes are constantly scanning for a mask shape and color. Try breaking up your mask with a camo head net. Basic BDU camo will work fine.

Remember this point!Put yourself in a place that you can see well, with less movement. The human eye will focus on things that move, If you don't have to move THEN DON'T! The common mistake is to turn your head or shift your leg. This movement will certainly give away your position. Try to find a mask that allows you to use your peripheral vision. Only move when you want to shoot..

What if you are spotted?Most likely if you are spotted, you will be out manned. Either go out blazing or run away and wait for another opportunity. Usually you can use this to your advantage and draw your enemy into a small ambush you setup. Run away and when you are out of their visual sight, make a quick cut left or right and either back track or wait for them to come find you.

SummaryIt's not the sniper paintball rifle that makes the paintball sniper. It's the player and the choices you train yourself to make on the field

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