Stinger rocket

by Malus
(Sparta, Greece)

So a friend and I were playing MGS2 after a wicked game of paintball in the mines and we noticed the stinger missles. Well my uncle was a weapons tech for the U.S and his father was a tech for the USSR, anyways we asked him if he could help us make one. The system uses a booster rocket like a Co2 canister to lift the rocket out of the barrel followed by a thruster which makes it go very far very fast (we used one A-rocket from the models). After 3 months of hard work and $1500 we mananged to make it. b^_^d


total distance-300 feet
firepower-100 paintballs
guidance system-aiming
emision system (how the paint comes out)-time release

PS>Im sorry but I dont own a digital camera and cannot get any picturs

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