The Camo Paintball Mask

A camo paintball mask is an important part of your gear ensemble. You will also find in the list below the latest high quality masks on the market.

Your safety is important and is something you should plan just as much as your paintball gear or the efficiency of your gun. Make sure your goggles fit right and your lens is clean. Do not take them off in the middle of play to clean them. You can find good lens cleaner to keep your lens clear in between rounds.

If you need to find a cheap full face paintball mask here are a few ideas for your search.

You may also want to be sure to use the right cloth to wipe off the lens. Your mask is an investment and, depending on how much you want to care for them, you may want to buy a special cloth to clean your lens to prevent them from scratching. Paper towel and other paper products have particles in them that can scratch lens. This is why many people use special clothes to clean their eyeglasses.

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Camo Paintball Mask

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