Camouflage for Paintball Guns

There are a few ways to go about finding camouflage for paintball guns. The first thing to consider is whether you love your gun enough to take the time to camouflage it yourself. If you are neutral about your gun or have been thinking of getting a new one there are a wide array of styles of guns. Scroll down to see some examples of camo paintball guns.

If you want to take on the task yourself, one of the ways to do camouflage for paintball guns is by using camo tape. You can find something anywhere from camouflage duct tape to a self cling wrap to keep from leaving that sticky goo on your gun if you were to remove it someday.

If camouflage tape is the route you desire to take here are a few items to consider:

Another way you can achieve the inconspicuous look from your opponents is by using spray paint. You would need to be a little artistic to achieve that camo look, but it is doable with a little practice. Make sure you use paint that adheres well to the metal of your gun.

Here are some paints that should work well to create your camouflage for paintball guns.

If you are the crafty type or know someone who is you might consider covering parts of your gun with camouflage fabric. If you can find the right fabric it may be the less expensive route. You should also have enough to make other matching accessories like a bag for your mask or pouches for Co2 or other parts.

Here are some fabric options:

Some gun models offer graphics kits to add to your gun like the ones below.

If buying camouflage for paintball guns is not what you are looking for there is the option of buying totally tripped out camo paintball guns.

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Camouflage for Paintball Guns

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